Ornamental Fish: Types Of Fish That Live Well Together

 Ornamental fish is a type of small fish, most of which live in fresh water and the other live in salt water. It is characterized by its beautiful and attractive shape compared to other food fish and its distinctive colors that comfort the eye of the beholder when watching it. This increases the desire of people to raise and care for them in homes or farms within a confined water system such as glass ponds.

Ornamental Fish: Types Of Fish That Live Well Together
Ornamental Fish: Types Of Fish That Live Well Together

 They are called ornamental fish because they are used as decorations placed in one of the corners of the house, to enjoy some of the magic that the waters of the seas and oceans hide inside their depths. Within private ponds in homes and offices, it is easy to deal with and breed these fish, due to the provision of the appropriate climatic environment for them inside the ponds in which they are placed, in addition to providing the appropriate food for them within the nutritional value they need for growth and survival.

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Ornamental Fish Species That Can Live Together

 The environment of aquariums is characterized as a refreshing aesthetic environment, and to achieve this purpose of raising ornamental fish, it is necessary to provide healthy conditions for the aquatic bio-community inside the ponds. .

 It is necessary to identify the types of ornamental fish that can live with each other without harming members of different species from them, and this in turn will provide a healthy environment for fish, and reduce diseases that can affect them as a result of their constant feeling of threat, and the most important of these fish are the following:

  • Catfish
  • Corys
  • Danios
  • Gouramis
  • Guppies
  • Loaches
  • Mollies
  • Platies
  • Plecos
  • Rasboras
  • Swordtails
  • Tetras

The Most Peaceful And Adapted Species Of Ornamental Fish

 Guppies, Tetras, Swordtails and Tropical Danios are the quietest Ornamental Fish and are able to adapt easily and quickly to new groups of fish. The following are the characteristics of these fish:

The Guppy

 Guppies are distinguished by their many colors and aesthetics. Small guppies may reach 6 cm in length during their lifespan, and they may live about two years, and they are a very suitable option for breeding even if the person is not a specialist, and its subsidiaries do not require much experience.

 Guppies prefer to move and jump a lot, and males are often multi-coloured and with stripes or spots, while females are grey, and the male guppies attracts the female in the mating season through certain movements with his fins, and it is preferable that the temperature of the aquarium be between 24-28 degrees Celsius and pH range from 7.0-7.2.

The Tetra

 Tetras are known as meek fish with distinctive colours. They are calm and peaceful most of the time until when the mating season comes, they are not at their best. They prefer temperatures ranging between 21-27 degrees Celsius, and usually prefer to stay in the middle of the aquarium and that the bottom layer is dark using pebbles and rocks.

The Danio

 Danios fish are considered a social species and tolerate different conditions. They are also distinguished by the fact that they can live for a long period of time up to 5 and a half years. They have several beautiful colors and easy care for them. The ideal temperature for this type of fish is 18-25 degrees Celsius, The pH ranges from 6-8.

 Danios prefer to be present in groups and do not often show aggressive behavior, but they can disturb some slow-moving finned fish, but providing a closer environment to nature reduces their aggressive behavior. It is important to have plants in the aquarium to make the amount of dissolved oxygen appropriate as well as ensuring the quality of filtration system.

The Swordtail

 Swordtails fish are the best-selling Ornamental Fish, as they have attractive and distinctive shapes and prefer to live with other species and even in groups within one species, do not need special care and can live 3-5 years, the most common colors are red, orange and black.

The Most Beautiful Types Of Ornamental Fish

 Ornamental fish are known as the species that are kept in indoor aquariums to add an element of beauty. They are quiet and playful pets at the same time, and among the most beautiful types are the following:

The Gold Fish

 Golden fish is one of the most popular types of ornamental fish among people, and this can be explained by the advantages of its smooth acquisition, as it is one of the species that does not require much care, in addition to the possibility of keeping it alone without the need to bring a partner in the aquarium, and it is generally a beautiful looking fish .

 Golden fish tend to live in calm fresh water environments, so it is recommended that the aquarium water be changed periodically when acquiring it, and it is preferable to maintain the temperature of the aquarium below 30 degrees Celsius, and their average lifespan is estimated at about 10 years.

The Guppy Fish

 Guppy fish is sometimes called the rainbow fish, and it is considered one of the fish with a high ability to survive despite not being fed for a period of up to a week, and it also adapts to a large number of foods provided to it, and these fish are a good option for people who want large numbers Including that she loves to reproduce.

 Guppy fish lives for a short period of about two years only, and tends to live in freshwater environments in general, and its origins go back to the tropics.

The Neon Tetra

 The neon tetra fish is easily identifiable even in the dark, despite its small size, due to its bright stripes and a silvery body. However, this fish does not tend to live alone, and prefers to live in large groups.

The age of this species ranges between 5-10 years, and it is active in comfortable environments that mimic its natural environment, so it is preferable to keep its aquarium away from the light, and the water in the aquarium must be calm, and some floating plants and wood can be added.

The Platy Fish

 The platy or moon fish is a peaceful species that can easily adapt to the presence of partners in the aquarium, but it will require a lot of food, and its average lifespan ranges between 3-4 years, and it tends to live in waters with a temperature ranging between 21-28 degrees Celsius, In addition to the need for the presence of minerals in the waters in which they live.

The Danio Fish

 Beginners are advised to choose danio fish when they want to have a comfortable experience with fish farming, due to the ability of this species to adapt to almost different aquatic environments, and it is not selective for food, and the age of these species reaches about 3 years if the general conditions are good, in addition. Danio is a fast-swimming species that is fun to watch.

The Sri Barbe Fish

 The Shri Barb fish or the Crazy Barb fish was named by this name in relation to its dark red color similar to the color of cherries, and it is one of the most active and moving fish, but it takes a long time to adapt to the new ponds, so it can refrain from food at first, and to overcome that it is advised to make sure to Providing ponds that simulate natural environments, by adding plants and other natural elements.

 This type of ornamental fish tends to live in groups of at least 5 individuals, and its life span ranges between 4-7 years, depending on the general conditions and the care it receives.

The Fish Gourami

 Gowarmia fish vary in size from medium to large depending on their species, and they can generally live in groups, but they do not prefer to be in ponds containing other types of fish, including the following:

  • The Blue gourami.
  • The Chocolate Gourami.
  • The Pearl Gourami.

The Kuhli Loach

 The Kuhli loach is indeed a unique aquarium fish, as it tends in its morphological characteristics to a large eel, and one of its most important advantages is its ability to easily exist with partners in the aquarium, and it is able to adapt to various environments, as for the ages of Kuhli loach, they can exceed The 10 years.

The Siamese Fighting Fish

 Siamese fighting fish is one of the options suitable for both experts and beginners in fish farming, and it is generally a bright-colored fish, but it requires large basins that enable it to swim freely, and it is preferable that the temperature of the fresh water ranges between 24-27 degrees Celsius, The life span of this species is about 3 years.

The Firemouth Cichlid Fish

 Firemouth cichlid fish is named after the fiery red color that appears in the lower part of its body and mouth during the breeding season. It is preferred to be placed in relatively large ponds with the need for the water to be constantly fresh, and the temperature of the aquarium ranges between 24-30 degrees Celsius. The life expectancy is about 10 years, and sometimes up to 15 years.

The Most Famous Types Of Ornamental Fish In The World

 There are many types of ornamental fish that differ from each other in color, size and many other characteristics, and among the most famous types of ornamental fish in the world are the following:

The Guppy

 It is characterized by its small size and different striking colors, and some of them are colored like a rainbow. Females are larger than males. Many people like to have them in their ponds for easy care, as they only need clean fresh water and a lot of plants. They also eat any type of food, whether plant or animal foods. It is social and calm, so it can adapt to other types of aquarium fish in the same aquarium.

The Platy Fish

 It is characterized by its small fins and fan-shaped tail. It is also small in size and has many subspecies and is considered the most active. To take care of it, it needs fresh water that must be cleaned constantly and a lot of plants so that it can hide and move between them. It eats any kind of plant and animal food, but it needs food Vegetarians are more vegetative, especially vegetables, and are considered social fish.

The Molly fish

 It is characterized by that its males are smaller than its females, and there are many types of moles, the most famous of which are the black molly and the golden molly. They eat any type of food, whether plant or animal foods. They are social and peaceful. They can live with peaceful types of fish in community ponds, and care must be taken in placing them with other types of fish. Peaceful fish because they are aggressive with non-peaceful fish.

The Betta Fish

 It is distinguished by its striking and very beautiful shape, as it has a fin in the back that covers half of its body with different bright colors, which makes it one of the types that many people want to own, it needs more care compared to others, it needs warm water that must be cleaned constantly and a lot of plants, and rarely can coexist With other species, so be careful to choose a suitable fish that will live with the betta.


 It is characterized by its multi-colored gradient along the body of the fish, and there are many types of rainbow fish, the most famous of which is the rainbow shark. It's similar so it's best to pair it with more than one type of rainbow group.

Korean Catfish

 There are more than one type of Korean behavior fish, all of them are peaceful and small in size, many prefer to put more than two types of them in the aquarium because it is easy to take care of them. It needs small, untamed pebbles, sand, and plants. Its nature is peaceful, but it can become harmful if it feels threatened.

The Neon Tetra

 It is characterized by the presence of a turquoise line that reaches from its eyes to its fin and a red stripe that reaches from the middle of its body to its tail, and this is what gives it an attractive shape that draws attention. It loves communities very much and is considered peaceful, so it is preferable to put it with more than eight other types of fish because it becomes more active like this, and it also eats Animal foods are more than vegetarian.

The Golden Fish

 It is distinguished by its gradient color between golden, yellow, and shiny bronze that is striking. Many people like to possess it for its beauty and peaceful nature. It loves light very much and can live in varying water temperatures such as cold and warm, but the water temperature affects its digestion of food; Because it has a complex intestinal system, so care must be taken in the way it is fed and the cleanliness of the water.

The Zebra Danio (Striped Danio)

 They are striped in shape, have purple horizontal stripes from gills to tail, short fins, and are comfortable to look at. They are a favorite among beginners for ease of handling. They need fresh, warm water, pebbles, and small, soft plants. They eat more plant foods.

Last Word

 In the end, the Ornamental Fish breeder should see information and instructions related to the types of fish and the nature of the waters in which they live and the types that can share one aquarium, in order to ensure their health and comfort inside the aquarium, and it is also important to add some plants and decorative pieces in the aquarium.

The breeder must realize that ornamental fish live for long periods, so a cleaning and feeding system must be provided in the aquarium, in addition to the breeder’s awareness of the need to put an appropriate number of fish in the aquarium commensurate with its size.

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