Information About Cockatiel Parrot

Information About Cockatiel Parrot
Information About Cockatiel Parrot

The cockatiel, an Australian parrot that is thin and can be both bold and cuddly, is one of the most well-known companion birds for a reason. Additionally curious and occasionally feisty, cockatiels can be. You are likely to hear a variety of chirps and whistles if you have a cockatiel in your home. Cockatoo is a species of bird of the parrot family. Cockatiels belong to the family Nymphicinae, and they are the only species in the genus Nymphicus hollandicus.

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The formal characteristics of the cockatiel

 The cockatiel bird is known for its small size, intelligence, and a variety of attractive colors, all of which make it a popular choice for people to own and raise as a pet in their homes. Its length and weight range from 30 to 33 cm and 56 to 113 g, respectively.

 The cockatiel has a gray body, and a bright yellow face with an orange mole. These colors in males are more vibrant than females, while females have stripes on the underside of their tail. It is also worth mentioning that there are some morphological differences between the different types of cockatiels, It is as follows:

1. Lutino Cockatiel Bird: Known as Lutino, he is distinguished by his white body color, yellow face, and red eyes.

2. Versicolor Cockatiel bird: Known as pied, it is distinguished by its yellow or gray color.

3. Pearl Cockatiel bird: It is known as peral, and is characterized by its diversity of colors, and the presence of a luster in its feathers similar to the luster of pearls.

4. Isabelle Cockatiel Bird: Known as Isabelle, it has grayish-brown mixed plumage.

5. Silver Cockatiel bird: Known as Silver, it has gray plumage and red eyes.

Behavioral traits of a cockatiel

 The cockatiel bird is distinguished from other types of other birds, as it is intelligent, social, and cheerful, and has a keen curiosity towards what surrounds it, and does not like being alone, as it prefers to be with its female, because this provides him with intimacy, intimacy, and fun. There are many behaviors that a cockatiel performs in its daily life, such as:

A. Strong relationship with humans

 The cockatiel has a strong bond with the humans who take care of it, following them everywhere they go.

B. Personal cleanliness

 Cockatiels love to clean themselves and take care of their appearance; If he combs his head with his beak, or uses his husband to clean it, they have a distinctive social behavior of cleaning each other in places that they cannot reach with the beak.

C. Hit things

 The cockatiel tries to hit objects around it with its beak; to attract attention.

D. Throw things

 The cockatiel collects and throws things when bored and bored while in the cage.

E. Play

 The cockatiel is a fun bird that enjoys playing and having a good time. It can't sit still for long, so if it can't find something else to do, it starts playing with water.

F. Leg raise

 The cockatiel raises its leg and rubs it against its feathers, and then stands on one leg; To maintain his body temperature.

G. Hunger

 The cockatiel shakes its head up and down and makes a loud sound, to alert you that it needs food because it is hungry.

H. Mating

 He tries to appear strikingly during the mating season, in order to attract the female to him, for example: he dances to her or sings, and when the male of the Cockatiel notices that the female likes him, he starts building the nest quickly for mating to occur.

Cockatiel bird food

 The cockatiel feeds on the seeds of commercial birds (in English: Lafeber), in addition to seasonal food, and some vegetables and fruits, such as: berries, melons, kiwis, And the cockatiel's food should be subject to the basic diet, consisting of 75% of granules of commercial food and 25% of seeds.

Cockatiel breeding

 Cockatiel birds reproduce if there is compatibility and interdependence between the male and the female, and this happens when they are mature enough to carry out the mating process, the male must be 18 months old and the female at least two years, provided that they are mature at this age, so that there is no quarrel and no fight between them if they put Together in one place to mate.

 Cockatiels breed eggs, and the mating process is very good from August to mid-September. The female cockatiel lays her eggs within three weeks, and their number is between 4 to 6 eggs, and the female usually sits on her eggs for about 20 days and then the eggs hatch, and this period may increase or decrease a day or two.

The most famous species of cockatiel

 There are about 18 different types of cockatiel birds, which are distinguished among themselves by their colors, and here are the details of the most famous types:

1. The Latino Cockatiel

 Known as the Lutino. The Latino Cockatiel is attractive and eye-catching because of its picturesque colors, its snow-white body, red eyes, light yellow wings, and yellow face.

2. Bluish gray Cockatiel

 Known as pied, it is very similar to the ordinary gray cockatiel, and is characterized by the presence of bluish-white dots in its feathers that make it not two of them have the same distribution of those white dots in the body, which makes it unique, in addition to the presence of yellow feathers on top of its head and orange spots in his cheeks.

3. Cockatiel albino

 Known as Albino, it is characterized by the presence of circular orange spots on its cheeks, while there are a few species of it with white faces, and it resembles Latino cockatiels.

4. Yellow-faced Cockatiel

 Known as the Yellowface Cockatiel, it resembles an ordinary gray cockatiel, the color of its body is gray or white, and it is distinguished in that the spots on its face are yellow, not orange, in addition to the presence of yellow feathers in the upper part of its head.

5. White-faced Cockatiel

 The Whiteface Cockatiel has a gray or white body, and is characterized by not having any yellow or orange colors in its face, and the head color of males is either gray or white, while the face of females is always gray.

6. Silver Cockatiel

 The Silver Cockatiel has genetic mutations in its blood that make its body silver rather than gray, and it also has white markings on its wings and tail, and orange or yellow markings on its face and top of its head.

7. Regular gray Cockatiel

 The normal gray cockatiel is the most famous of all species. It is a wild bird found in Australia. The males of this species are distinguished by their uniform plumage, and their faces are bright yellow, while the females have gray faces.

Cockatiel bird sound

 The cockatiel bird makes many sounds, and each of these sounds expresses a specific purpose, as follows:

A. The scream

 Cockatiels scream when they are sad, lonely, upset, afraid, or when they want to alert other birds about the presence of a predator in the place, and this is specific to both sexes, males and females.

B. The Whistle

 Whistling is sometimes called singing, and the cockatiel makes it when it is in love, looking for a mate, or if it likes itself, and this sound is only for males.

C. The mimic

 Cockatiels often try to imitate the human voice, and males have a greater ability to mimic and imitate sounds more than females.

D. The hiss sounds 

 He makes this sound when he's angry, or when he's in danger, and both sexes do it.

E. The chirp

 Cockatiels sing when they are happy or satisfied, and this sound is shared by both males and females, they chirp together and enjoy it.

Cockatiel bird spread around the world

 Australia is the most where the cockatiel is found, as it is its mother country, from which it is exported to many countries of the world for sale as pets, and it is also found on the island of Tasmania.

The price of a cockatiel when you want to buy and breed it

 The price of a cockatiel depends on some factors, such as: quality, type, colors, age, and the place it was purchased from.

 The average price of a cockatiel ranges from 25-250 dollars, for example; The gray cockatiel ranges from $60-80, while the albino cockatiel costs $140.

Tips when raising a cockatiel

 Breeding and caring for a cockatiel requires special attention, and the following are the most important tips when raising it:

  • Take the cockatiel out of its cage for at least an hour to play with it every day.
  • Keep the cockatiel happy by offering him some toys to play with in his cage.
  • Clean the cockatiel 2-3 times a week with warm water.
  • Always clean the cage of droppings.
  • buy a large cage; Because the cockatiel bird loves to play and move around a lot.
  • It is preferable that the dimensions of the cage be 51 x 66 cm, and that there is a spacing between the rod and the other about 2 cm; In order not to hang his head when he takes it out through the cage.

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