Guinea Pig Growth: How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get and When Do They Stop Growing?

 Guinea pigs make wonderful pets for a multitude of reasons, in addition to being gentle, sociable, and low maintenance. However, guinea pigs' size is a question that potential owners sometimes ask. What level of growth does the guinea pig reach?

Guinea Pig Growth: How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get and When Do They Stop Growing?
Guinea Pig Growth: How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get and When Do They Stop Growing?

To help you get ready for your new furry friend, we'll answer both of these queries in this article.

When do guinea pigs stop growing?

 Around six to seven months old, guinea pigs typically reach their full size. However, some might continue to develop and fill out for an additional month or two. Your guinea pig will continue to grow and develop once it reaches adult size. For instance, his coat will keep filling out and getting shinier.

 As he ages and becomes accustomed to his environment, he may also show more personality. Therefore, even if it doesn't grow, there is still room for it to grow and change in other ways.

How big are guinea pigs?

 Most adult guinea pigs are 20-30cm long, with 450-700g being a healthy weight. Some breeds may grow slightly larger, while others remain smaller. You can expect your guinea pig to reach its maximum size at around 8 months of age.

 Once fully grown, the length of your guinea pig will depend on the breed. Smaller breeds such as the dwarf cavy, this means they will only reach about 20-25cm. On the other hand, the largest breeds of guinea pigs can reach 35 cm, such as the American blue guinea pig.

 The most common type of guinea pig, however, is the English short-haired cavy which stands somewhere in the middle at around 30cm when fully grown.

 The American guinea pig, another popular breed, is slightly larger than the English shorthair cavy at around 32cm. 

 At maturity, they will lose between 450g and 700g in weight. You should take your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup if the readings are outside of this range because they are deemed unhealthy.

 Male guinea pigs typically fall on the higher end of this spectrum, while females typically fall on the lower end. For instance, male guinea pigs can weigh as much as 800g, while female guinea pigs rarely weigh more than 600g.

 Regardless of gender, a jump or sudden weight loss can be a sign of an underlying health condition and is something you should always keep an eye on.

How big can baby guinea pigs get?

 Pups also referred to as baby guinea pigs, are typically 8 to 10 cm long. Puppies grow quickly and can get to adult size, which is 30 to 35 cm, in 6 to 8 weeks. Some pups may continue to grow up to 12 weeks old. In just a few weeks, some of them may even grow to be the size of an adult guinea pig.

 It's crucial to remember that not all pigs will grow at the same rate. While some might grow to their full size sooner, others might take longer. Therefore, if your young guinea pig appears to be growing slowly, don't worry; he will probably eventually catch up.

What is the growth rate of guinea pigs?

 In their first few weeks of life, guinea pigs grow very quickly. Pups can increase in weight by as much as 10g per day and even double in size in a week.

 However, the growth rate significantly decreases after the first few weeks. The average guinea pig gains only 5–10g per week by the time it is 8 weeks old.

What factors impact a guinea pig's size?

 The size of a guinea pig can vary depending on a few factors. One is race. Naturally, some breeds are bigger than others. Whether you have a male or a female is another aspect. In general, females are smaller than males. Due to having to share food and living quarters, two guinea pigs may also be smaller.

 Diet is the final factor that can impact guinea pig size. Your guinea pig will be able to reach its full size with the help of a balanced diet consisting of hay, vegetables, and guinea pig pellets. As a result, there are a few considerations to make regarding guinea pig size. But don't worry; with some care and love, your guinea pig will grow to the ideal size for you.

Guinea pig growth chart by age

 We've put together a helpful average guinea pig weight and growth chart in case you're curious about how big your pet will be at various points in its life. The size of a guinea pig can vary depending on breed and other factors, so please keep in mind that this chart is only a general guide.

  • 2 months: Length: 10-15cm; Weight: 80-120 grams.
  • 4 months: Length: 15-20cm; Weight: 200-250 grams.
  • 6 months: Length: 20-25cm; Weight: 350-450 grams.
  • 8 months: Length: 25-30cm; Weight: 450-700 grams.
  • 12 months: Length: 30-35cm; Weight: 500-650g.

 You can see how rapidly they grow, especially in the first few months of life. They will then carry on slowly growing until they are fully grown adults.

How can I make sure my guinea pigs reach their full potential?

 Choosing the appropriate breed is the first step. Breeds vary in their rate of growth. Choose a breed like the Texel or the British Giant if you're looking for a large guinea pig.

 Feeding your guinea pig a top-quality diet is the next step. Your guinea pig will thrive on a diet full of hay, organic vegetables, and pellets. Don't overfeed your guinea pig with sugary treats because this can cause obesity and other health problems.

 Lastly, provide enough room for exercise for your guinea pig. Your guinea pig will have plenty of space to run and play in a large cage or enclosure. Consider including tunnels, balls, and other toys in their home as they also enjoy playing with toys. These suggestions will enable you to maximize the potential of your guinea pig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Regarding guinea pig size, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few frequently asked questions about guinea pig size that will clear up any confusion:

Do guinea pigs stop growing?

 Around six months old, guinea pigs grow to their full adult size. After that, they start to grow more slowly and only put on a small amount of weight each year.

How much should a guinea pig weigh?

 The average adult guinea pig weighs two to four pounds. Of course, the guinea pig's breed and diet will have an impact on this.

How long does the typical guinea pig live?

 A guinea pig typically lives for four to eight years. Some people have been known to live for 10 years or longer.

How long do guinea pigs stay young?

 Around six months old is the maturity age for guinea pigs. They can live for another four to eight years after that and then start to age slowly. Some people have been known to live for 10 years or longer.

What is the biggest recorded guinea pig?

 The biggest recorded guinea pig was a British giant by the name of George. He stood 29 inches tall and weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Do large guinea pigs live longer?

 While other studies have found no relationship between size and lifespan, some have shown that larger guinea pigs typically live longer.

Do large guinea pigs need more food?

 Guinea pigs of different sizes do not require different amounts of food. Compared to smaller guinea pigs, they eat less per pound.

Final Thoughts

 The size of a guinea pig can vary depending on the breed and other elements. Around six months old, they usually reach their full adult size. Their growth rate begins to slow down after that.

 If you want your guinea pig to live up to its full potential, it's critical to select the appropriate breed and provide high-quality nutrition.

 Additionally, they require a lot of exercises, so make sure your guinea pig's cage or enclosure has enough space for them to play and run around in.