Guinea Pig Taming: How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig?

 Guinea pigs are sociable animals, therefore they need continual company to be content and healthy. It's possible that you're unaware of how much time is ideal to spend with your guinea pig. So I did some research and talked to some experts, and this is what I found.

Guinea Pig Taming: How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig?
Guinea Pig Taming: How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig?

 The ideal situation would be for you to interact with your guinea pigs for at least an hour each day. Since guinea pigs are most active in the mornings and evenings, these times would be ideal for playing, cuddling, and grooming them. Due to their increased energy, young guinea pigs will require more floor time than older ones. More importantly, it would help if you spent some quality time with your guinea pig. It means setting aside an hour where you do nothing else, and your only goal is to bond with your guinea pig.

 This includes active play, with mazes, towers, and toys. Also, it involves certain activities like searching for hidden food or roaming around the house. If you are in a hurry or don't have enough time, you can do two half-hour sessions. It's best to give them some attention because they hate being ignored.

Do guinea pigs need a lot of attention?

 Your guinea pig is peaceful and calm on the outside but really wants your entire attention. The well-being of your guinea pig depends on having a companion. Wild guinea pigs live in large groups to survive. This enables them to find food and fend off predators. Even though they have changed since being domesticated, guinea pigs still require companionship.

 However, pet guinea pigs do not have a colony of their own. One or two guinea pigs are preferred by most owners. They start to yearn for their owner's love and care more as a result. Due to the lack of a colony in which to socialize, guinea pigs require special care. There's a chance that your guinea pig may exhibit some behavioral problems if they don't get enough socialization. These comprise:

  • Assault.
  • Stress.
  • Destructive habits.
  • The Depression.

How to give attention to your guinea pig?

 Over-stimulating your guinea pig will do more harm than good. If you interact well with your guinea pig, he will feel satisfied.

Give Appropriate Attention

 Don't try to force your guinea pig to spend time with you. If your guinea pig seems scared or unwilling to interact with you, it's best to stay away.

 Your guinea pig may feel upset, tired, or in danger, if you force it. They may even bite you, hide or refuse your care in the future. If your guinea pig doesn't seem to be socially attracted, you should try again after a while. At the same time, your guinea pig may be interested in your care and attention. In such a case, you can give them as much attention as you want.

 As long as your guinea pig permits it, you are welcome to pet, play with, or cuddle him. If they appear to be very active for several hours, they are having fun. If your guinea pig's playtime is brief, you can try again later when he is feeling more energetic.

Understand your guinea pigs

 Maybe some guinea pigs prefer to socialize differently than others. For example, young guinea pigs can enjoy playtime without hesitation. These older guinea pigs may be comfortable just lying down or sitting next to you. Older guinea pigs may only snuggle up to your thighs and refuse to play with toys.

 Similar to how some guinea pigs require more care than others. You might own a guinea pig that prefers to be by itself. While your other guinea pig might squeal with delight at your constant affection through cuddling and grooming. Consequently, it is crucial to comprehend your guinea pig. A scared guinea pig shouldn't be overstimulated, and an energetic guinea pig shouldn't be understimulated.

Paired guinea pigs require less attention

 Guinea pigs are very social animals. So owners can take advantage of their social behavior and keep two guinea pigs together. Providing a company with the same kind of guinea pig is a good idea if you find it difficult to give them enough time.

 Matched guinea pigs can be happy together on their own. They can socialize with each other as needed. They will be happy together without any attention from you if they are healthy, properly housed, and well-fed. As a bonus, they will have a calm demeanor and can be handled easily.

Spend quality time every day

 A good 15 minutes spent on the floor can differ from an hour spent next to your guinea pig. More significant than the number of hours spent is the quality of the time spent. This suggests that it is preferable to spend 15 minutes playing with your guinea pig rather than an hour lying next to them.

 It is essential to be focused and pay more attention to an energetic young guinea pig. You can train your guinea pig to perform tricks, play games, or run through mazes. However, when it comes to older or less energetic guinea pigs, you may need to take a subtle approach. You can do a different activity by sitting next to your guinea pig. Or you can remove them to change.

The best time to play with your guinea pigs

 Guinea pigs are crepuscular animals. This means they are active throughout the day and night. However, early morning and early evening are the best times to spend time with your guinea pig, as they are most active and energetic during these hours. You can choose activities that suit their energy level.


 When your guinea pig wakes up in the morning, it becomes very active or energetic. They will be busy grooming, running, playing with their toys, and foraging for food.

 When they get hungry, they'll probably run to you for food. This might be the best time to teach some tricks and play games. You can book all energy activities for high-energy hours.

 In the middle of the day, your guinea pig's energy will begin to dwindle. You will likely find them falling asleep in their sleeping area or laying down to relax.


 In the evening, your guinea pig will start to move around again. Heavy exercise or gambling are not recommended at this time, though. Since their energy level is not at the top, petting or cuddling them should be better at this time. Even if your guinea pig doesn't like being petted, you may find it more obedient at this time.

 At this time, it's a good idea to serve your guinea pig a few treats to encourage positive behavior. Stubborn guinea pigs can refuse. But, they will surely enjoy spending time playing or relaxing around you.

What do guinea pigs like to play with?

 Guinea pigs love to play with toys or do tricks. Without methodical methods for bonding with your guinea pig, you can start by:

  • Hide your guinea pigs' treats, and let them find them.
  • Give your guinea pig a rope to chew on.
  • Make a maze for them to explore.
  • Toys can play the best role in entertaining your guinea pig when you are away.

 An exhausted or bored guinea pig will likely enjoy chewing on objects, hitting or kicking someone or something, or messing up its habitat.

 You can put a few small toys in your guinea pig's enclosure to prevent this. Here are some popular examples:

  • Wicker baskets.
  • chew toys.
  • Large brown paper bags.
  • The two-sided opening cardboard box.
  • Tunnels or PVC tubes.
  • Newspapers and paper towels.
  • Untreated wood chips.

Things to do with guinea pigs

 The best time to spend with your guinea pig is during playtime. But if you've played through all the game ideas and have no other ideas, you can check out these alternative or creative ways to bond with your guinea pig:


 A harness will make sure your guinea pig is out of harm's way. Thanks to this, you can easily take a peaceful walk in a park, take a walk in the garden or even take a leisurely stroll or move around the neighborhood.

 This will give your guinea pig access to the outdoors, including sunshine, grass, and fresh air. Additionally, it will teach them how to relate to you. Make sure there are no predators or unusual noises in the area.

Roam outside

 You can let your guinea pig roam freely in your room or house. Allowing your guinea pig out of the enclosure may be the best way to get rich and exercise.

 If you don't play with your guinea pig, it will start analyzing objects. They can also inhale odors and writhe in spaces. You need to make sure there are no chemicals or harmful objects in the area. Surfaces must be safe for guinea pigs' paws.

 You can put hay to chew or eat, a litter box, and toys near your guinea pig. Allow them to have fun as long as they stay in this area.


 In the wild, guinea pigs forage widely for food or provisions. In domestic guinea pigs, this tendency can easily become a form of play.

 To give them exercise, you can hide food in hard-to-reach places. Your guinea pig can jump, wiggle, and get smart about handling the treat. Here are some good places to hide food or treats:

  • Inside the mazes.
  • Tied inside paper bags.
  • Inside empty toilet paper roll.
  • On the lower shelves.
  • Under sofas.
  • Inside the toys.
  • Under blanket.
  • Inside the tunnels.

 You can try hiding different foods to mix things up. Vegetables, hay, fruit, or guinea pig-specific treats can be used.

What if you don't have enough time?

 For guinea pigs, friendship is very important. Owners should make sure they give their guinea pigs plenty of time. However, this is not always possible.

 You shouldn't worry if you don't have much time. Here are some ways to make sure your guinea pig receives the care it requires:

Provide a short duration of ground time whenever you are free

 It would be best if you spent at least an hour with your guinea pig each day. However, if you don't have a lot of time to manage, you can try breaking small additions from that hour.

 For example, before going to work, you can try to spend at least 30 minutes with your guinea pig in the morning. And in the evening, when you get home, you can try spending the remaining 30 minutes with your guinea pig.

 Additionally, you can play with your guinea pig six times a day for at least ten minutes. If you're working from home or doing your homework, this may be the best way to take a break. The effort will be valued by your guinea pig, and it may also be advantageous to you.

 Here, the objective is quality and regularity. One or two minutes is not enough for your guinea pig to play or relax. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have at least ten minutes in each bonding session. Otherwise, your guinea pig won't have time to enjoy it.

Do your activities alongside your guinea pigs

 It is preferable to pay your guinea pig no attention than only minimal attention. If you are unable to give an entire or full hour, try giving for longer than two hours. If you finished another task or activity, try the following later:

  • Speak with your guinea pig in a very soft and calm tone.
  • Pet your guinea pig with one hand.
  • Place your guinea pig on your thigh.

Your guinea pig can also participate in other tasks. For instance:

  • You can do your training in front of your guinea pig.
  • Start drawing, painting, sewing or writing so your guinea pig can smell and analyze the pieces.
  • While working at your desk or doing your homework, you can pet your guinea pig.
  • You can also have a meal with your guinea pig. Even you can give treats to your guinea pig but you need to make sure whether they are safe for him or not.

 Try to give your guinea pig as much attention as possible. Time will count if you aggressively try to bond with your guinea pig.

 If you can't pay attention to your guinea pig, you can ask for help. For example, you reach out to your social group. This might be the best opportunity to give your guinea pig their attention for an hour or two.

 In addition, this person will probably be happy to help you. You need to make sure your guinea pig is comfortable with this person. It would also help if you made sure the person knows how to take care of a guinea pig.

 Guinea pigs can spend enough time alone, but there is a difference between being alone and being alone. If your guinea pig is bored and needs attention, it's not good for his health.

 You can make them feel loved and well-socialized by spending just an hour with your guinea pig. You need to select favorable activities and need to understand what your guinea pig likes the most and enjoy it.