Why Do Guinea Pigs Chew On Their Cage? (The Best Ways to Avoid It)

 If you own a guinea pig, you may notice that it has some unusual habits, such as chewing on the cage wires, and you may be curious as to why. After being perplexed by the topic for a while, I decided to conduct some study on it. I want to talk to you about that information today.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Chew On Their Cage? (The Best Ways to Avoid It)
Why Do Guinea Pigs Chew On Their Cage? (The Best Ways to Avoid It)

 In light of this, why do guinea pigs chew on their cage? The top reasons for guinea pigs to chew in their cage are boredom, loneliness, and the need to trim their teeth. The other possible factors include a lack of chewable toys, an insufficient feeding schedule, an inadequately sized cage, a desire for treats, or insufficient time spent outside the cage.

 As you can see, The reasons for guinea pigs to chew in their cage may not be the same as those of other cavies. Let's look at these reasons in more detail now, along with some applicable knowledge and actions you can take to limit this behavior.

Is Chewing on the Cage Normal for Guinea Pigs?

 A guinea pig may occasionally chew on its cage, and this is regarded as somewhat normal. But excessive chewing can be a sign of a problem, particularly a dental one. Among guinea pigs, this is typical behavior, and the issue can be quickly resolved. Animals with strong sensory systems like guinea pigs enjoy chewing on various objects. Chewing not only soothes their achy gums but also benefits their teeth by strengthening them, which is something that happens as they develop throughout their lifetime.

Seven causes of your guinea pig's chewing on its cage

Let's examine 7 causes of guinea pig cage chewing:

  • Your pet will chew on the wires of the cage if you feed it treats through the wires, indicating that it wants more treats.
  • Your pet is lonely or bored and needs your attention.
  • that they are bored with the toys they already have or that there aren't enough toys for them to chew on.
  • Because their cage is too small, they try to escape by biting the wires.
  • Its teeth are not properly trimmed, but the wires do a good job of doing so.
  • Your pet is not spending enough time outside of its cage to explore.
  • Your guinea pig feels like it must beg for food every time because it doesn't have a regular feeding schedule.

 By making a few straightforward changes to its daily activities and routine, all of the issues mentioned above should be simple to resolve.

Are Chew Toys Necessary For Guinea Pigs?

 Chew toys are necessary for guinea pigs because they keep their teeth filed down. Too long teeth make it difficult for them to properly chew food and are just very uncomfortable for them. For when they spend time on the floor, they require a lot of toys and accessories inside their cage and all over your house. Make sure to buy new toys to replace any that have become worn.

 With the help of toys made specifically for guinea pigs, the animals can maintain manageable tooth lengths, maintain a clean, healthy mouth, and have fun while playing due to the interesting shapes and colors of the toys. Also, the market offers a wide variety of chew toys, many of which are made of materials that are resistant to repeated chewing and are therefore hard.

 You must purchase toys with a strong abrasive surface because this will aid in wearing down their long, sharp front teeth. They love natural materials like wood, cardboard, apple tree branches, and twigs, so you can also benefit from making their toys.

 They enjoy running through tunnels, so they will have just as much fun in an empty paper towel roll or oatmeal container as they would in a tunnel purchased at a pet store. You can make soft toys for your pet by stuffing clean socks with hay. you can make lots of these and scatter them throughout your home and the area where they like to roam.

Is There A Way To Stop My Guinea Pig From Chewing On His Cage?

 It is evident from the list of the top 7 reasons why guinea pigs chew on their cages that a lot of the issues are brought on by boredom, hunger, and an irregular feeding schedule. However, you might need to improve their habitat or expand the variety of their toys; fortunately, these are simple problems to resolve. Here are some preventative measures you can take to stop your guinea pig from chewing on his cage:

Regular Feeding Schedule

 They shouldn't beg if they are fed at the same time each day, and sticking to the feeding schedule should prevent them from feeling the urge to chew the cage.

Let Them Out

 Allowing them frequent access to the outside of the house will keep them from becoming bored and chewing on metal wires.

 You can always get a playpen if you want to contain them in a specific space or if your home has many hazardous objects like cables and wires.

Suitable Sized Cage

 Guinea pigs are very active and playful animals and require enough space to run around and be themselves, so make sure their cage is big enough to accommodate their size.

Many Chew Toys

 Make sure to provide plenty of chew toys for your pet both inside and outside of their cage, and replace any worn-out or outdated toys with fresh ones. Chew toys help keep teeth at a manageable length and file down long, pointy teeth in addition to providing entertainment and play.

Dedicated Enough Time

 They enjoy it when their owners pick them up and hold them close, and they enjoy being petted, so be generous with your attention. They like the company of others, so make sure they have one or more guinea pigs to play with.

Guinea Pigs Chew On Their Cage FAQ

Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Wood?

 Wood can be chewed on by guinea pigs, and many toys made specifically for them are built of sturdy natural wood. The rough surfaces help to keep the animals' teeth short, strong, healthy, and clean. 

 Many guinea pigs particularly enjoy the edges and corners of wooden shelters and tunnels because they have so many to chew on. These buildings won't move around like other toys because they are stable and heavy.

 Simply be cautious when handling the wood and make sure it won't splinter easily and hasn't been painted or chemically treated. Make sure to choose natural wood instead of these as they may cause problems for Guinea Pigs and health issues. If you're unsure or can't find any, either buy it after looking into some solid alternatives, or stay away from it.

Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Cardboard?

 Due to the fact that guinea pigs' digestive systems are built for grazing, pulpy fibers like cardboard are safe for them to chew on. Be careful because big pieces of cardboard can become a choking hazard.

 Although it is not harmful to them to graze on cardboard, it is not as good as real wood because it has undergone extensive processing. Cleaning it up is a nightmare, too! Although hay is more expensive than cardboard, it is a much better alternative.

 Once more, you must exercise caution and be wary when dealing with any treatments that the cardboard may have received. Other wrapping materials, such as sellotape, may still be adhered to some cardboard. To prevent them from swallowing items like this, you must make sure that everything has been removed.

Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Plastic?

 Avoid giving plastic to guinea pigs to chew on. There is a reason why most cavy toys are made of sturdy, natural materials. Since plastic is less durable than wood, it will deteriorate more quickly. Additionally, it can become sharp and pierce the inside of their mouths.

 Additionally, since plastic is toxic and harmful to animals, it is not a good idea for them to swallow it. For the same reason, avoid toys that have plastic components. There is no justification for buying a plastic toy for your pet because plastic is also ineffective at filing down teeth.

In Summary

 You can see that there are a lot of possible causes for your guinea pig to be chewing on its cage. It usually serves as a warning sign that something is off and not quite right. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do, and fixing it is entirely up to you. In the end, it is your duty as their guardian to give your pet guinea pigs the best habitat and environment possible.